REACT Neuro Headset (Senior Living)




REACT Neuro is a digital health platform enabling seniors to engage proactively with their brain health. Gone are the days of waiting in the dark for something bad to happen. We can now measure, track, and change our brain health trajectory, ensuring a longer and happier life ahead.
Designed and built by a team of neuroscientists and clinicians from Harvard Medical School, REACT is re-imaging the way we live by empowering users to measure and track their brain health through immersive and engaging experiences. Features include:
  • Over 20+ digital exams designed to inform all aspects of brain health
  • Over 50+ virtual experiences including travel, musical performances, and wellness and meditation
  • Access to the REACT Brain Health Coach. A tele-health experience to review your progress and create care plans to meet you goals
  • Community-first. A companion mobile application to keep adult children and family-in-the-loop


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