REACT Neuro Headset (Research)

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REACT Neuro is a digital health platform enabling researchers to comprehensively assess and quantify digital biomarkers of neurological function, in a single, seamless, integrated platform enabling large scale data collection efforts at home, in clinic, or any where in-between.
Designed and built by a team of neuroscientists and clinicians from Harvard Medical School, REACT has taken decades of scientific knowledge and experience in building a first-class data collection platform to assess brain health. For the-first-time, researchers can deploy high-fidelity research quality measurement tools for quantifying various aspects of brain health, ranging from neuro-cognitive function, vestibulo-ocular reflexes, coordinated beahvior, mood, balance and more. REACT collects dual high-speed eye-tracking data, voice and speech, and 6 DoF head and body movements all while users go through REACT experiences creating un-paralleled data insights.


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