REACT Neuro (At-home Rehab)

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REACT Neuro is a digital health platform enabling users to engage proactively with their brain health in the comfort of their home. REACT offers immersive experiences where users are led through a series of activities and games to first assess their baseline ability and then facilitate upper-limb rehabilitation.


Designed and built by a team of neuroscientists and clinicians from Harvard Medical School, REACT is re-imaging the way we live by empowering users to measure and track their brain health through immersive and engaging experiences. Features include:
  • Immersive virtual-reality (VR)¬†games designed with the world’s leading experts in rehabilitation.
    • Shoulder rotation, elevation, elbow extension, abduction/adduction, AROM
    • Visual scanning,¬†attention, timing, and coordination
    • Gaze control for aiming at target
    • Wrist flexion/extension, ulnar/radial deviation
    • Among many others


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