REACT Neuro Headset (Clinic)




REACT Neuro is a digital health platform enabling users to engage proactively with their brain health. Gone are the days of waiting in the dark for something bad to happen. We can now measure, track, and change our brain health trajectory, ensuring a longer and happier life ahead.
Designed and built by a team of neuroscientists and clinicians from Harvard Medical School, REACT has taken decades of scientific knowledge and experience in building a first-class data collection platform to assess brain health. For the-first-time, researchers can deploy high-fidelity research quality measurement tools for quantifying various aspects of brain health, ranging from neuro-cognitive function, vestibulo-ocular reflexes, coordinated beahvior, mood, balance and more. REACT collects dual high-speed eye-tracking data, voice and speech, and 6 DoF head and body movements all while users go through REACT experiences creating un-paralleled data insights.


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