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In the near future, we will diagnose serious brain health conditions years before symptoms appear.

REACT Neuro is a team of neuroscientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who have come together with the vision of redefining brain health.  We are  building on decades of breakthrough research from leading labs around the world and making our digital platform accessible to consumers everywhere. 

We are actively working with private partners to develop next generation of technologies that will make the future of neuroscience possible! 

Up Coming Events

Meet us at ATA 2020  May 3-5, 2020. 

Presenting at LSI's Emerging Tech Conference 2020

Meet us at Arc Fusion ,  4th Dec 2019

Meet us at Wearable Tech  + Digital Health HBS, 14th Nov 2019 

Meet us at Future of Health @ NYC 2-3 October 2019. 


Digital Biomarkers

Digital Biomarkers

Digital Biomarkers

Brain Health has been reactive treating symptoms and our vision is to build digital biomarkers that can change this paradigm for over a 1 billion people. 

brain health heart health

Brain Health

Digital Biomarkers

Digital Biomarkers

Building algorithms that can predict early onset of the most significant brain health conditions. We focus on hard problems of brain health and neurocognition in low friction accessible platform. 

DIgital exams

Digital Exams

Publications to Delivery Platform

Publications to Delivery Platform

Unique digital exams curated from published literature over the last four decades. Collaborating with world's leading  research institutions, KOL's and pharmaceutical companies to develop next generation neurocognition assessments. 


Publications to Delivery Platform

Publications to Delivery Platform

Publications to Delivery Platform

We work with the world’s leading scientists and help bring their peer reviewed research to  you in a simple easy to use platform. So we are always at the leading edge of what's possible and helping shape our understanding of Aging and Healthy Brains. 


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We are looking for deeply passionate wicked smart product, data science and software engineers!


CIC 245 Main St, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States 02142

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